Most people think a sales effort is won during the closing part of a sales call. Not true! The business is won or lost during the questioning phase of your calls. During this course you will learn why, and how to take your personal skills to a new level. Want to improve your close rates? Need to reduce your sales cycle? Frustrated by spending significant time with a client, and at the end of the conversation realize that you haven’t learned very much? Maybe you are finding it difficult to get a 2nd appointment with the same person. Or would you like to increase your standing as a trusted advisor, versus being just another vendor? If you can relate to these symptoms, then this course, Questioning for Needs, is for you.

When you complete Questioning for Needs, you will have a new appreciation for how to most effectively conduct an effective sales conversation, and more importantly, you will have a proven process, as part of your skill set, that will take your results to a new level.