In just one month, a sales person, customer support person, or an entire company can learn how to close on every call with full comfort and buy-in from their customers. Through a deliberately-planned immersion of skills, examples, personal application, coaching, and peer support, the GDA 30 Day Immersion will enhance and change behavior to best practices forever.

Key features of the GDA 30-Day Immersion include:
● Four Closing for Commitment skills webinars hosted by senior GDA sales consultants, each with over 30 years of sales and customer service management experience.
Downloadable guides for the individual and for the manager for applying Closing for Commitment skills to the student’s environment.
Live chat room on Closing for Commitment topics with peer comments from around the world.
● An invitation to take the complete on-line course on Closing for Commitment with built-in interactions, quizzes, testing, down-loadable notes tools, and certification.
● Tweets, Linked-in comments on Closing for Commitment successes and issues
Closing for Commitment Success Stories from sales and customer service people from around the world.

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If you want to discuss a customized 30-Day Immersion Course or Curriculum for your company, call GDA at 800-966-4321.