No challenge is more difficult in managing people than trying to turnaround a disgruntled employee. It is tough enough when an employee is not performing, but truly daunting when an employee is delivering the results but carries with that performance an attitude of distrust and anger that is souring your whole work group.

From coaching employees through simple corrections to taking on those with anger and frustration, the skills in this course on Counseling Employees will enable you to turnaround poor performance and attitudes in even the toughest of situations. Without these skills, managers can lose valuable employees, or worse, some simply transfer the problem to other departments.

The true gifts of management and the managers that you will value most in your career both involve the ability to get an employee to see the need for change in themselves. The more difficult the situation, the more valuable the coaching, and ultimately, the more your coaching is appreciated by the employee. This kind of person-to-person leadership is obtainable, and the tools and process you will need are included in this course. Counseling Employees for many of us will become the very skill that makes careers… both, yours, and those of the people you manage.