No management tool is as powerful or as effective in producing consistent results across a workgroup as performance planning, and yet, it is probably the least effective skill in place for most managers. Think about the people you manage or will manage for a moment. In your mind, you can envision what excellence looks like, can’t you? Maybe it’s no one you have ever met, but a composite of the way this person does some things, the way another person does others, and a collection of the best behaviors that you have ever seen. But you do have the vision, don’t you? Now here is the litmus test: if all of your people were asked to write down what they think you expect of them, would they all write the same thing that you would?

If the answer is no, you are not alone. And yet, if they knew… if each of them knew, and what they knew were clearly best practices of excellence, almost every one of them would make their best efforts to perform that way.

This course on Performance Planning will guide you through the steps it takes to create that model of excellent behaviors, define them, illuminate them and create an atmosphere and commitment of performance. You will be able to set expectations and manage behavior to achieve optimum performance across your work group.