You have worked hard to convince a customer that your solution is the answer to their business problems. You are surprised when they tell you they are convinced, but ask why should they do business with you; why not one of a number of vendors who can seemingly provide adequate solutions…and at much lower cost? Sound familiar? If so, Quantifying Benefits will teach you how to answer the question, but more importantly, how to realize the success your efforts have earned.

Most sales reps believe that what they are selling are products or services. In this course you will learn that “what” you are selling is the enablement of activity that will resolve a customer’s goals and objectives. Achieving or not achieving these objectives has a business impact, measured in both time and money. Once you have determined the business impact, your solution has a quantified benefit. With this information you can create urgency. Your solution – in fact, the solution of any provider – pales in comparison to the cost or loss of opportunity of solving these business goals.