“Would you like fries with that?” These are probably the most profitable words ever invented in sales. The wonderful principle is that everyone, and I mean everyone, wants what he or she has purchased to be even better. No matter what product or service, from computers to landscaping, from insurance to aircraft… everyone wants it to be better, and that desire starts from the moment of purchase and grows every day as the customer becomes more familiar with what they’ve bought.

In Selling Upgrades, you will learn how to tap in to this wonderful base of increased sales from your existing customer base. You will learn how and when to engage the customers, how to gain their enthusiasm for upgrading, and how to create a continuous stream of newly refreshed and follow-on business that can become the most reliable foundation for your continuous sales success.

Even better, the actual course training will guide you through identifying actual business potential that you can close before you have finished the final exam. And it doesn’t even matter if you were the person who made the original sale. This course on Selling Upgrades is the selling secret that will make any sales person successful.