Eric Richardson
Eric Richardson Chief Executive Officer Phenomenal business strategist, excellent motivational speaker. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Gordon Bridge
Gordon Bridge Chairman Our goal is to make investments, to pursue traditional as well as new markets, aimed at dramatically accelerating GDA's growth. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Ed Harper
Ed Harper Chief Development Officer Creative training designer, Logical Selling Process specialist. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Reed Farley
Reed Farley Senior Instructor, Executive Coach Experienced leadership consultant, master of Selling Value. Facebook Twitter
Bill Szustak
Bill Szustak Chief Financial Officer Certified Public Accountant, exceptional financial strategist. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Lorraine Richardson
Lorraine Richardson Chief Operations Officer Business resource and support strategist, experienced systems consultant. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Charles Hewitt
Charles Hewitt Vice President, General Manager He is responsible for GDA’s job creation and placement initiative which is focused on preparing and placing individuals in sustainable, career enhancing jobs. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
James Wilson
James Wilson Director, Higher Education and Corporate Programs GDA Advisor to automotive dealers, sales leader. James has over 15 years of consultative sales and management experience in an array of industries. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Lorie Sechrist
Lorie Sechrist Director, Higher Education and Corporate Programs As GDA’s Director, Higher Education and Corporate Programs, Lorie is a liaison for clients. Facebook Twitter Linkedin