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Tactical Planning with Growth Development Associates

Long-term business growth and service excellence must be planned and can only be sustained through organizational infrastructure. With the proper infrastructure components, organizations can ensure outstanding results even from otherwise average performers.

The Growth Development philosophy

  • Corporate strategy must be clear, visionary, and embraced by every member of the organization.
  • Managers must manage to it daily. If individuals can attain self-actualization without dealing with the difficult parts of the strategy, their behavior will not support the desired strategic results.
  • Hence, the organization’s compensation and reward mechanisms must directly support the corporate strategy.
  • Customer delight must be integrated throughout the infrastructure.
  • Finally, employees cannot execute if they do not have the skills. More important than these components are the lines of process and communication that sync them together.

GDA’s Tactical Plan Workshop –Integrate current year objectives with management, compensation, recognition, customer satisfaction and skills to produce this year’s sales result.

The GDA Tactical Plan Workshop is customized to client specifications and needs. The workshop includes the incorporation or the development of clear and quantified objectives that serve as the basis for planning and development activities. The result is a clear set of tasks, programs and action items that serve as the infrastructure framework for new tools, incentives, communications programs, and training refresh and reevaluation systems. 

Tactical Planning Deliverables

  • Preliminary GDA assessment and reporting services
  • Clear and quantified objectives that serve as the basis for evolving a new sales culture
  • A comprehensive infrastructure integration process to assure the expectations of this new sales culture
  • Trained GDA facilitation by experienced former sales managers and executives
  • Supporting linkages and interdependencies established and planned throughout the process
  • Cross referenced, tactical plan documentation produced and distributed by GDA

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