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GDA On-Line Real Estate Sales Training is designed to help you grow your business whether you are an agent, a Realtor®, or managing broker. The tools and techniques in this unique and powerful curriculum can help you become the preferred resource in your target market, consistently generating new and repeat business.
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RE 1001 Free Introduction to Consultative Selling for Real Estate This is an introductory overview of proven, cross-industry secrets of professional selling.  These secrets, now revealed, will enable you to achieve an "in-the-zone" performance during the various roles that you play as a real estate agent.  Delivered in two modules exclusively for the real estate industry, this complimentary course will help you to understand the logic and flow within an optimal conversation between you and your seller, you and a buyer, or you and another agent.  You will be able to execute as needed, on purpose... every time.
RE 1002 Establishing Rapport in Real Estate

People buy or sell houses and property with real estate agents that they enjoy being with and that allow them to relax right from the beginning of their meetings.  This course teaches you how to establish rapport every time you have a conversation with a client.

RE 1003 Creating Interest in Real Estate

Whether you have an appointment or you are trying to get an appointment or just an answer to an email or voice mail, you only have about twenty seconds to get someone's attention.  Arouse their interest.  Make them want to talk with you.  Twenty seconds that will make or break the effectiveness of every single interaction.  

In this course you will learn three techniques that will enable you to gain anyone's interest in less than twenty seconds.  Buyers, sellers, developers, other agents and brokers... you will be able to make them all decide to open up to have a dialogue with you that shares valuable information that allows you to discover and address their real needs and concerns.

RE 1004 Questioning for Needs in Real Estate

You have nothing to sell until you understand your customer's needs.  Five different buyers of the same home would have five different sets of reasons for making that same decision.  Imagine if you could always learn those reasons before you present, how extraordinary your presentation would be.  In Questioning for Needs, you will learn not only how to always understand your customer's needs before presenting... you will learn how to help shape those needs to value your strengths.

RE 1005 Presenting the Solution in Real Estate

This course teaches you how to utilize your understanding of your client's needs and present the features and advantages of your solution or proposal in a way that specifically addresses those needs.  In addition, you will learn how to engage the client in your presentation to maintain interest and gather information you can utilize effectively in your closing.

RE 1006 Closing for Commitment in Real Estate

This course provides you with the most comfortable, yet compelling way to use the client's confirmed acceptance of value... to gain commitment to move forward.

RE 1007 Handling Objections in Real Estate

You encounter objections daily in the real estate industry... particularly if you actively prospect for new leads and new clients.  And this is exactly what you want!!!  Objections are good things!  This course will show you why and help you consistently turn client objections into reasons to move forward.  Learn to make objections work for you, and work together with your client against the problem.

RE 1008 The Logical Selling Process in Real Estate

Learn how to complement your sales skills with the most thorough, comprehensive approach to the sales process.  In this course you will learn how to thoroughly integrate your sales skills and tools with an innovative approach to achieving excellence in all aspects of the selling process.

RE 2001 Profitable Home Ownership

If people knew the wealth that comes from owning their own homes...  If they knew how their homes could be a source of wealth creation whether the economy turned upward or downward...  If they knew that today, RIGHT NOW, is the time that will be referred to as the "good old days" for buying and selling homes... for upsizing, for downsizing, for buying their first home... If they knew what you will know after taking this course, they would be lined up outside your office so that you could help them buy or sell a home.  But they don't.  

After taking this course, you will be armed with the understanding and the ability to find them.  Tell them.  Motivate them.  Simply stated:  Personal home ownership is the most lucrative and dependable foundation for a family's or individual's financial security than virtually any other form of financial investment.  If you can explain that, you can sell houses.  In any time.  In any market.

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