“World Class” Growth Strategies—A Sales Training Program for Manufacturing Companies

Affordable, Sustainable Business Growth Campaigns Implemented in a Web-Based Learning Environment.

The companies that thrive in this economy will be those that succeed in creating a sales culture, where all employees can be comfortable in a sales role. The finest technology companies cannot survive for long unless somebody sells something. Even companies with long-standing reputations for product quality and service excellence, will only realize unfulfilled opportunities unless somebody sells something.

GDA On-Line Growth Campaigns

Growth Initiatives for Manufacturing Companies

GDA On-Line Growth Initiative sales training program tailored for manufacturing companies provides employees and leaders with extremely affordable, field-tested proven strategies and easily accessible guidance for achieving record growth. Through this program, employees are enabled to effectively sell. Employees cast in unfamiliar sales roles will have a basic understanding of selling fundamentals. Engineers expected to provide add-on business with existing clients will know how to initiate conversations to uncover potential client needs. Experienced manufacturing sales professionals who need to find ways to generate revenue in uncharacteristically difficult environments will have new ideas and world-class coaching available.

Manufacturers who might otherwise never have access to professional sales training and business growth strategies now have affordable access to the compilation of over 20 years of GDA’s proven “world class” growth strategies and “best practices” sales skills. This is the on-line implementation of a sales training program that has been delivered to some of the most successful companies in the world and now, it is available to manufacturing companies of almost every size and operating budget.


After three years of flat business and a 1% profit margin, we decided to do some sales training and marketing planning with GDA. The result? Last year, we doubled our revenues and increased our profit margin by 5X. In one year, we learned how to actually sell our value and produce results in a 100% bid environment.”

Nathan Reede, CEO -– UPCI

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