I want to talk about selling value to your customers. Think you sell value? When was the last time you sold a deal without discussing a discount? Customers, both consumers and corporate, have been taught to push for discounts. From on-line stores to price shopping right on their phones, everyone wants a discount. Even purchasing agents go to classes on how to push for discounts.There are those who think that sales people will be replaced by discount websites. And they are right… unless of course, we can point out something unique about our product, service, people, experience, services or assistance. In which case, we are not a commodity. And if we are not a commodity, than we don’t have to discount.

If what we are selling is EXACTLY the same as the next guy. I mean EXACTLY. Then, we do have a commodity, and “Me to, 10% off is a pretty good sales pitch. But we are not the same. If there is anything unique about us… our products, our solutions, planning, implementation, services, help desk, training, support, customer care, our depth of expertise… ANYTHING at all that can make a difference to this customer, then you are NOT a commodity. And if you are not a commodity, you do not have to discount. But you have to be able to prove that. Discuss it. Engage the customers so that they see that and believe it. That, folks, is the whole point of sales. It’s called sales, not taking orders. Sales is the art of connecting the uniqueness of your products and services to the uniqueness of the needs of the client. Make that connection, and you are not a commodity, and you do not have to discount.

What you are selling is different for every customer. Show me five customers who bought the exact same thing and I’ll show you five different reasons for that decision. That means five different value propositions. Nothing to me is more like fingernails on a chalk board than when I hear someone talking about memorizing elevator pitches. Customers are not elevators. They are individuals, different companies or families, each with unique needs and reasons for considering your products or services. And the value to each one is specific and unique to that individual, group or company. Discover that uniqueness and make the connection to the benefits that uniquely come from your solution, and you can earn the value that your company deserves.

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