Course description

It’s a proven fact that a company’s performance is best when employees are happy with their jobs, enthusiastic about their future and confident that their employer has their best interest in mind.  This course on Career Development should be a key element of your management training that will help ensure such success.  The skills that are taught here are proven in time and easy to learn and implement.

Whether you are starting from the beginning, or upgrading your existing personnel process, this course on Career Planning is for you.   You will learn the key elements of the process, the way to maximize the process and how to make it an easy and enjoyable experience for both the manager and the employee.

Understanding and implementing the ideas taught in this course take only a short amount of time.  Yet the benefits derived will be long-lasting.


Classroom training

Career Development is one of three topics presented in a two-day workshop, titled Management Coaching.  During the workshop, students learn Performance Planning, Career Development and Counseling Employees methodologies and techniques.  To discuss an in-class Management Coaching workshop for your company,
please call GDA at 800-966-4321.


On-Line Course

The 5002 Career Development is an on-line course in the Managing People curriculum.  The on-line course features interactive skills training, practice, and certified testing along with downloadable worksheets, which are ideal for creating meaningful summary notes.  This course can be completed in three hours, and it can be stopped and resumed at the student’s option.  Click here to register for 5002 Career Development.

If you want to discuss having a customized on-line course for your company,
call GDA at 800-966-4321.


Customer Comments

The role play created the “a-ha!” moment to resonate the true usefulness of the tool/process.

  • Manager, Maritz