Course description

Initiating new competitive activities to win in your territory or accounts

There’s a gold mine out there in your accounts or territories that will allow you to exceed your annual goal. Your competitors have vulnerabilities.  The Competitive Penetration on-line course will help you understand how to attack your competitors and win incremental business.

How effective could you be if you had a game plan available to you on how to attack your competitors?  This course supplies you with that game plan, outlining key techniques, simple yet effective, which will allow you to gain access to your competitors’ customers and uncover new business opportunities.


Classroom training

Competitive Penetration is one of four topics presented in a two-day workshop, titled Preferred Partner.  During the workshop, students learn techniques and activities that result in increased sales opportunities.  To discuss an in-class Preferred Partner workshop for your team or company, please call GDA at 800-966-4321.


On-Line Course

The 3004 Competitive Penetration is an on-line course in the Account Management curriculum.  The on-line course features interactive skills training, practice, and certified testing along with downloadable worksheets, which are ideal for creating meaningful summary notes.  This course can be completed in three hours, and it can be stopped and resumed at the student’s option.  Click here to register for 3004 Competitive Penetration.

If you want to discuss having a customized on-line course for your company,
call GDA at 800-966-4321.


Blended Learning

After completing the online course, 3004 Competitive Penetration, the student is eligible to attend a live webinar hosted by a GDA certified instructor along with other students who have completed the course.  The instructor will conduct live practice sessions using the students’ situations during this 90-minute webinar.  All students will benefit from their own practice and feedback, as well as from listening to the practice and feedback of up to twenty fellow students.

Click here if you’d like more information about a 3004 Competitive Penetration Blended Learning Webinar.

iPhone App

One of the best ways to have access to the techniques featured in GDA’s course on Competitive Penetration is by downloading the app onto your iPhone.  The app features audio review from the course content, complete with examples of what Competitive Penetration discussions sound like when done well.  The audio only feature is designed so that the student can listen on the run, during exercising or while traveling.  Then, when the techniques are fresh in their minds, students can RECORD their own examples right into the app for review up to the minute before beginning an important customer conversation.

CLICK HERE to download Competitive Penetration app from the app store.


Customer Comments

“Who would have thought that my competitor’s installations would help me make my numbers.”

  •   Sales rep, 3 Comm