What does customization by GDA mean for you?

Because we believe that your team’s learning will be greatly enhanced when examples, references and illustrations are immediately recognizable as your own, we customize all face-to-face training and consulting services. In order to properly customize the training materials, the assigned GDA instruction team will work very closely with your company on several levels.

We begin with meeting with the highest-level client contact available in order to understand your corporate perspective. Specifically, we want to know what constitutes success for you. Then we will map your needs against our core curriculum to determine the exact degree of customization or new development that may be required. We work with your subject-matter experts to understand the products and services you want featured throughout the GDA sales training. The final result is a fully customized training session that produces the results you are seeking for your company.

1. Based upon the training content, the industry and your requisite timeframes, we determine the GDA Consultant/Instructor(s) best equipped to assign to this project.

2. We also conduct interviews with senior management, field management, sales and support professionals, and selected customers.