You’ve been through it a hundred times. You know you have to discuss value with the customer. You know that you’re supposed to avoid discounting, and you have studied up on exactly where and when to bring up the benefits discussion. But doing it live is a whole different thing. Especially the notion of talking to the big decision-maker… whether it’s a CFO or the deciding spouse. If only you had studied an array of examples of how it should sound in your personal sales situation! Well that’s exactly what you need. You need some well-scrubbed examples of what it sounds like when it’s done well.

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly then you know that everyone has been taught to look for discounts in their personal and business lives. You learned that it is, in fact, possible to win without discounting, but you have to first establish what is different about you, your company, your products, services, expertise… anything at all that makes you not a commodity.

You’ve also learned that there is always a hidden budget that can be applied to your deal if you could prove the benefits to your customer. And you learned that there is a decision-maker who will change everything to get your solution right now… if you could get to that person and prove your value. You could beat live competitors. You could beat on-line discount houses. You can even beat out alternative internal projects and deferrals of your project. But knowing that and doing that are two very different things.

If you are going to be able to make your point about how the uniqueness of your products can benefit your client, and quantify that benefit under pressure, you are going to need to practice. Take the time right now to create your own scenarios, discussions and illustrations as they relate to your products, services and customer situations. Create a dozen of them, two dozen if necessary, but cover all of the types of customers and selling comparisons you may encounter. Then practice, practice, practice, and you will find that the actual conversation with the customer will be both compelling and fun. I promise you that.

If you need some demonstrations to help you create your own examples, you can access how-to webinars and on-line courses from GDA for assistance.

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