For many sales organizations self-paced coaching sales skills training is a better option than traditional instructor lead classroom training. Since the late 1950 sales skills training has been delivered in an instructor lead class room setting. The advent of the digital age has brought forth a new option – self-paced skills training.

Reason 1: It costs less. Self-paced training is normally 50-80% less than classroom training. The reasons are obvious, there’s no need to travel, rent a room to hold the class or pay for an instructors time.

Reason 2: Time.Taking a team of sales people out of the field for even a day is expensive. The productivity lost while in a typical 2-3 day sales skills training course in a classroom setting should be balanced against the projected productivity gains from the course. Self-paced training can be done on off hours and spread out to accommodate almost any schedule.

Reason 3: Reinforcement. Individuals learn at different rates and respond to different styles. Self-paced training can usually accommodate these differences. Students can go through the course at a speed that suits there learning style. If they are unsure of a particular point or topic they can go back to review it again. Although the classroom setting does allow questions and real-time interactions with the instructor, sales people at times may be reluctant to show a lack of understanding in an environment with their peers.

Reason 4: Modular.Self-paced training is usually broken into logical modules that are taken in a prescribed sequence. Each module usually lasts between 1-2 hours. Without the pressure of having to keep to a classroom schedule students can proceed at a pace that suits their learning style. This modular style allows students to go back and review sections that weren’t clear the first time through.

Reason 5: You can refresh before a call.Much of what is learned in a classroom training environment is forgotten in the weeks and months after the course. With the advent of the smart phone, down loaded videos and apps allow the sales person to have a quick review before and after a sales call. This ability lets them see the actual training rather than relying on notes or memory. A quick review over in a pre-call meeting with the sales team or sales management can help clearly define the goals and roles during the sales call

Does it work? Self-paced coaching sales skills trainingis often the best and most cost efficient option for many organizations the question remains is – how effective is it? Many will say that there is no substitute for the lively interaction in the classroom environment and many experienced instructors can pick up who’s getting it and who’s not. The self-paced sales training environment usually relies on testing at the end of each module to determine if the training is “sticking” or not. A blended approach may be the solution that provides the best of both worlds with 80-90% of the training done in the self-paced environment and reinforcement interaction with and instructor (either face-to-face or via WebEx).

To see if self-paced on-line sales training will work for you sign up for the free Introduction to Consultative Selling by clicking the link below.

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