job-creationThe Job Creation Initiative:

  • Is a 4-Week job preparation, certification and placement program for individuals seeking a career in sales:
  • Including a rigorous 3-Week monitored, self-study segment featuring “live” instructor-led webinars;
  • Continuing with a 1-Week, highly interactive, in-person classroom experience with “hand-on” practice and coaching sessions;
  • Concluding with a “Job Fair” sponsored by companies with local sales openings to fill.
  • Based on sales and business development “best practices” from Growth Development Associates
  • Developed from 23 years of years of success in working with companies like Microsoft, Apple Computer, Honda, HP and Siemens

What Kind of Certified Capabilities Will Graduates Possess?

Upon certification and graduation, each recruit will be able to demonstrate “sales skills and strategies” that will facilitate their transition into successful, long-term careers, including:

  • Mastering the “Consultative Selling Process,”
  • Conducting face-to-face sales meetings with customers in any industry and at any level,
  • Taking an active role in prospecting for new opportunities with new or existing accounts, and
  • Following opportunities through to closure.


This is the sales bench that sales organizations have been waiting for!



The Job Creation Initiative (JCI)



Kickoff Webinar: The collective and individual goals of the class are established by the facilitator.

Establishing Rapport: Learn how to apply the on-line lessons to developing stronger relationships with existing customers and new relationships with new customers. This element of the PSC further sets the stage for all of the other elements to come.

Creating Interest: Learn how to establish credibility and convince the customer that further discussion with you might be in his or her best interests… in just 30 seconds.

Questioning for Needs: Gain techniques for understanding the priority of a customer’s business needs so that you can select or design the right solution for those needs.

Presenting Solutions: Learn how to present the solution to your customer’s needs in such a way that you can directly discuss the customer’s perception of the benefits.

Closing for Commitment: Acquire techniques for easily gaining customer commitment at any point throughout the sales process.

job-creation-gentlemanHandling Objections: Practice the insight, the methodology and techniques that will lead you to ultimately change your instinctive behaviors in responding to a customer objection.

Practice Role Play: Reinforce the newly learned selling skills with a practice role activity.

Logical Selling Process: Learn the various stages of the sales process as you work through the requirements of a complex sale from early prospecting to closure.

Selling Value: Someone in the customer organization understands the real significance of your solution. Learn how to identify those benefits and understand their financial impact to the customer.

Finding Big Deals: Learn how to identify opportunities to sell your solution in multiples.

Selling Upgrades: Learn how to identify and close post-sale opportunities.

Sales Field Observation: Understanding dawns when you can recognize selling techniques in daily venues.

Interviewing: When the product is you… this could easily be the most important sales meeting in your life. Reinforce the online lessons, using the Planned Sales Call techniques to sell yourself.

Graduation &Live Job Fair: At the completion of the program, participants will receive certificates and meet with corporate representatives with real sales positions to fill.