How many times have you tried to set up an appointment and actually got agreement, but the customer just can’t seem to make room for you in his schedule. What about when you have an appointment, but the appointment keeps getting deferred due to unforeseen issues arising? Or what about getting the appointment in the first place? How often are you met with a lack of interest from the prospect or a dismissal by the administrative assistant, affectionately known as “the gatekeeper?” Well in all of these cases, you have a powerful tool that will create an urgent need for the customer to meet with you. You’ll just need to do a little preparation to turn it on.

People are busy. Everyone is going about dealing with their personal and business lives, and the truth is that you are an unwelcome interruption to their already full schedules. Even if they are good acquaintances, as much as they may love you, you are always an interruption… unless the purpose of your contact has immediate and irresistible potential for them. A reference of how you have helped someone else in a similar situation is a strong way to make your point. But nothing compares to a reference with quantified benefits that are similar to the desires of the person you are contacting. In the twenty seconds that you have to get their attention, your referencing quantified results that are very desirable for your prospect will create an immediate and urgent need to meet with you or talk with you about the possibilities. And I mean talk with you about it right now.

The key here is that you have to do you your homework. You can’t guess at what they would find attractive. You have to know something about this customer’s interest. You might know from research on the person or the company. You might know from a previous meeting. You might know just from the kind of product or service you are offering or from others you have called upon or who contact you, but you cannot guess to use this kind of quantified interest statement.

Armed with some knowledge about your customer or prospect, you can prepare how to deliver your interest-grabbing, quantified Statement of Potential Benefits to create urgency for a meeting or discussion. The customers won’t be doing you a favor… they will be compelled to talk with you to discover if they can accomplish something similar to your referenced client. And they will want to do it right away.

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