What’s worse? Making a presentation to a person or group of people, going through all of the points and all the while wondering if you are making any headway… Or doing your entire presentation with confidence and style and finding out at the end that nobody was buying in to anything you said.Making presentations can be a lonely and eerie experience… IF you are the only one talking. On the other hand, if you make your presentations interactive, they can be the most fun you’ve ever had.

When we do a presentation, no matter how complete, accurate and informative, a one way flow of information can never assure that your message is actually being received, internalized and applied.

A one-way presentation maintains its focus on you and your product, and eliminates the whole point of the presentation… the customer.

The point of the presentation is to provide the customer with information that the customer can use to evaluate new possibilities, new decisions, and perhaps even a purchase of your product. A one-way presentation is no way to show your customer what you can do.

Never ever plan, present or even participate in a presentation of your product or solution that does not include interaction with your customer. Don’t leave yourself open to the chance of being off target or missing an opportunity to make the connection that results in a sale. Plan from the very start to involve your customer in the presentation, and you will have more fun, make more impact, and close more sales than ever in your career.

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