Course description

No management tool is as powerful or as effective in producing consistent results across a workgroup as performance planning, and yet, it is probably the least effective skill in place for most managers.  Think about the people you manage or will manage for a moment.  In your mind, you can envision what excellence looks like, can’t you?  Maybe it’s no one you have ever met, but a composite of the way this person does some things, the way another person does others, and a collection of the best behaviors that you have ever seen.  But you do have the vision, don’t you?   Now here is the litmus test:  if all of your people were asked to write down what they think you expect of them, would they all write the same thing that you would?

If the answer is no, you are not alone.  And yet, if they knew… if each of them knew, and what they knew were clearly best practices of excellence, almost every one of them would make their best efforts to perform that way.

This course on Performance Planning will guide you through the steps it takes to create that model of excellent behaviors, define them, illuminate them and create an atmosphere and commitment of performance.  You will be able to set expectations and manage behavior to achieve optimum performance across your work group.


Classroom training

Performance Planning is delivered in-class in a one-day workshop.  During the workshop, students learn the methodology for planning the performance of their sales and support staff.  Students then build a customized performance plan template they can take back to their offices to begin the performance planning process at their companies and organizations.  To discuss an in-class Performance Planning workshop for your team or company,
please call GDA at 800-966-4321.


On-Line Course

5001 Performance Planning is the on-line course which features interactive skills training, practice, and certified testing along with downloadable worksheets, which are ideal for creating meaningful summary notes.  This course can be completed in three hours, and it can be stopped and resumed at the student’s option.  Click here to register for 5001 Performance Planning.

If you want to discuss having a customized on-line course for your company,
call GDA at 800-966-4321.


performance-planning30 Day Immersion Program

In just one month, a sales person, customer support person, or an entire company can learn how to define success and gain the commitment of employees to perform against best practices measurements.  Through a deliberately-planned immersion of skills, examples, personal application, coaching, and peer support, the GDA 30 Day Immersion will enhance and change behavior to best practices forever.

Key features of the GDA 30-Day Immersion include:

● Four Performance Planning skills webinars hosted by senior GDA sales consultants, each with over 30 years of sales and customer service management experience.

● Downloadable guides for the individual and for the manager for applying Performance Planning skills to the student’s environment.

● Live chat room on Performance Planning topics with peer comments from around the world.

● An invitation to take the complete on-line course on Performance Planning with built-in interactions, quizzes, testing, down-loadable notes tools, and certification.

● Tweets, Linked-in comments on Performance Planning successes and issues

● Performance Planning Success Stories from sales and customer service people from around the world.


CLICK HERE to enroll in the 30-Day Immersion in Performance Planning

If you want to discuss a customized 30-Day Immersion Course or Curriculum for your company,
call GDA at 800-966-4321.


Customer Comments

Enjoyable and felt it was as much a working session to develop tools, as it was pure training.

  • Dealership Owner, San Juan Pools

This class was excellent!  Especially valuable was the workshop for developing specific elements for practical application, real world.

  • Manager, Maritz