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Course description

“People don’t buy features… they buy because of what they can do with those features.”

Many sales people present all the features and benefits of their product or service when speaking with a customer.  How great would it be to understand exactly what feature and benefit addresses a real customer need and address only that requirement?  How great would it be to get an immediate customer reaction to your feature and benefit?  In this Presenting the Solution on-line course, you will learn these key techniques.

In this course you’ll learn the key techniques on how to properly present your solution to your customer and set yourself up for a successful close.  Completing this course will help you fine-tune your presentation techniques and make closing your transactions far easier.


Classroom training

Presenting the Solution is part of the Consultative Selling Course that features all six steps of the planned customer discussion.  This three-day course can be taught with cross-industry examples, group practice and twelve hours of evaluated role-plays.  To discuss an in-class Consultative Selling Class for your team or company, please call GDA at 800-966-4321.


On-Line Course

1005 Presenting the Solution is an online course that is part of the Consultative Selling curriculum.  The on-line course features interactive skills training, practice, and certified testing along with downloadable worksheets, which are ideal for creating meaningful summary notes.  This course can be completed in three hours, and it can be stopped and resumed at the student’s option.  Click here to register for 1005 Presenting the Solution.

If you want to discuss having a customized on-line course for your company, call GDA at 800-966-4321.


Blended Learning

After completing the online course, 1005 Presenting the Solution, the student is eligible to attend a live webinar hosted by a GDA certified instructor along with other students who have completed the course.  The instructor will conduct live practice sessions using the students’ situations during this 90 minute webinar.  All students will benefit from their own practice and feedback, as well as from listening to the practice and feedback of up to twenty fellow students.

Click here if you’d like more information about a 1005 Presenting the Solution Blended Learning Webinar.


presenting-solutions30 Day Immersion Program

In just one month, a sales person, customer support person, or an entire company can develop interactive presentation skills that engage customers in wanting to buy your solutions.  Through a deliberately-planned immersion of skills, examples, personal application, coaching, and peer support, the GDA 30 Day Immersion will enhance and change behavior to best practices forever.

Key features of the GDA 30-Day Immersion include:

• Four Presenting Solutions skills webinars hosted by senior GDA sales consultants, each with over 30 years of sales and customer service management experience.

Downloadable guides for the individual and for the manager for applying Presenting Solutions skills to the student’s environment.

Live chat room on Presenting Solutions topics with peer comments from around the world.

• An invitation to take the complete on-line course on Presenting Solutions with built-in interactions, quizzes, testing, down-loadable notes tools, and  certification.

• Tweets, Linked-in comments on Presenting Solutions successes and issues

Presenting Solutions Success Stories from sales and customer service people from around the world.


CLICK HERE to enroll in the 30-Day Immersion in Presenting Solutions.

If you want to discuss a customized 30-Day Immersion Course or Curriculum for your company, call GDA at 800-966-4321.


iPhone App

One of the best ways to have access to the techniques featured in GDA’s course on Presenting the Solution is by downloading the app onto your iPhone.  The app features audio review from the course content, complete with examples of what Establishing Rapport discussions sound like when done well.  The audio only feature is designed so that the student can listen on the run, during exercising or while traveling.  Then, when the techniques are fresh in their minds, students can RECORD their own examples right into the app for review up to the minute before beginning an important customer conversation.

CLICK HERE to download the Presenting the Solution app from the app store.


Customer Comments

“This is the most useful and practical sales training I have encountered. The measure of my success based on the information learned will be phenomenal.”

  • K. Barger, DPI Inc

Presenting the Solution shows you how to make the features come to life with relevance.

  • Sales Rep, Maritz

LOVE the F-A-R!!!  Really simplified the sales process!

  • Sales Rep, Neighborhood America

I particularly like the reaction question, and I now know how to handle the non-verbals.

  • Sales Rep, Samsung

The structure in Presenting Solutions is very helpful – got me to focus on product and non-product solutions.

  • Sales Rep, Siemens PLM EMEA