Upgrades are the easiest and most available business for just about any kind of company. Think about it. No matter what product or service that a person has bought, sooner or later they will see the need for an upgrade or a renewal. Just look around your own home or office. Quick, what three things would you like to have right now to enhance your computer? Your office décor? Your yard? What about your wardrobe? Can you see that there is simply nothing that cannot be made better?

What is even more relevant to us as sales and customer support professionals is that our customers already know us. It’s not even cold calling. And upgrades rarely involve competition, discounting or objections! Now ask yourself… Given all that perpetual low-hanging fruit, how robust are your continuing efforts to regularly upgrade or renew all of your customers?

So what is your personal strategy for farming your upgrades? Do you maintain an inventory by customer of what they have purchased from you and all of the upgrades available for them? How often to you contact the customers you have sold to in the past. Do you wait for them to call you, or do you have a customer upgrades strategy that makes it impossible for you to miss out on a regular stream of upgrades, enhancements, renewals and replacements from your customer? Take this three-question self-examination test:

1: How many customers have bought from you in the last three years?

2: On average how many of them have you spoken to in the last thirty days?

3: If a competitor had a chance to talk with them about upgrades or replacement of what you sold them based on where they might be as of this moment, are you satisfied that that competitor could not take any of your business or your customers away from you?

If you are not happy with your answers, then, decide today to create and execute an upgrade strategy for your own business or territory.

At the moment you sell a customer on a product or service, you are entitled to all of the add-ons, upgrades, enhancements, renewals and replacements that they will need for life. If you want to keep that entitlement, you need make it impossible to lose. Make it impossible for a customer of yours to ever feel forgotten. Create or revisit your upgrades practices today, and shift into a mode that provides you with a steady stream of upgrades, replacements and renewals for life.

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