People Leadership Online Course

Cultivate a Productive, Committed, Qualified Corporate Culture

Learn and apply critical people management skills. What would it mean to your business growth if you knew precisely how to apply critical people management skills?
Build an Effective Team and Help Grow Careers
  • Would you like a proven framework for developing effective people management skills?
  • What if your employees could be provided with a detailed map for achieving success?
  • What if you had the skills to turn a difficult employee around?
  • What can you do with an employee who has lost trust, commitment and morale?

According to research, the number one answer given by people for quitting their jobs is, “My manager.”  People Leadership addresses the core competencies necessary for the leadership and development of employees.   Graduates of People Leadership will have the skills and templates to create, discuss and engage employees in developing written descriptions for performance and evaluation.  The graduates will also have skills and templates to create and manage careers, conduct effective interviews, coach people back to performance standards, and motivate people and teams through recognition.  Students and corporate managers who complete People Leadership will be highly valuable for promotions and performance as managers in all industries. 

Transform Your Employees and Your Workplace

GDA’s World Class Leadership Management training online course, which includes Performance Planning, Career Development and Counseling Employees, will empower leaders at every organizational level to build and retain a highly qualified, responsible and dedicated work force. Explore GDA’s Leadership Management course topics below and register.

The People Management Certification includes the following online courses:

# Title Info # Modules
1 Performance Planning 6
2 Counseling Employees 4
3 Career Development 6

Each course is composed of two or more modules, and each module may take 20 - 30 minutes to complete. Each module has one or more quizzes for content reinforcement, and a successful completion of the quiz gains you access to the next module. Successful completion of the course final exam provides access to the course completion certificate.

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