Everyone can stop living paycheck to paycheck and build personal wealth.

Rags to Riches!

Message from our CEO

"We don't have to live paycheck to paycheck.

  • If you understand the pitfalls, you can avoid them.  You can fix them.
  • At any income level, you can take charge of your financial life, live debt free, build wealth, even own and pay off your own home.
  • You will have to break some habits you may not even know you have and replace them with new ones.
  • These new habits will enable you to set yourself up for a worry-free financial life.  Forever.

With the DECISIONS/DECI$ION$ Financial Wellness program, you'll learn how to take control of your financial happiness!"

Eric Richardson
CEO, Getting Ahead! Inc.

Project-Image Budgeting • Making better decisions
• Avoiding and minimizing “Consequential Costs”
• Case study of overspending and recovery
• Planning Guide
• Seven Consequential budget reduction guides
• Ideas to increase income
Project-Image Handling Credit • How Do Credit & Interest Really Work?
• Your Complete Debt Picture
• Change Your Debt-behaviors
• Negotiate
• Consolidate
• Balance Transfer
• Become Debt-free: Payoff Plan
• Cascade to Eliminate Debt
• Manage Your Credit Score
• Increase Your Income
Project-Image Home Ownership Seven ways that owning a house makes you money.
1. Rent goes up. The Mortgage does not.
2. When interest rates drop, you can lower your payment.
3. You will save on income taxes.
4. You build equity with every payment.
5. Your house will go up in value.
6. You can live rent free for life after 15 years.
7. You will save over a million dollars versus renting.
Project-Image Savings and Investments You should have an investment account.
Cutting daily habits like coffee, fast food, and cigarettes can offer hundreds of dollars a month toward savings.
Savings account and CD interest is a start, but 2% is not enough.
IRAs offer good return potential, but you have to select investments. There are annual limits.
Bonds and annuities can be safe for people ready to retire, but may have higher fees.
Stocks and mutual funds average higher than 7%. A stock broker or financial planner can help you analyze and choose.
Project-Image Services of a Bank A visit with your banker can put hundreds to thousands of dollars per year into your pocket.
• Individual Banking
• Business Banking
• Digital Banking
• Loans
• Traditional vs. Online Banks
Project-Image Buying Insurance Cheap insurance can be a disaster if you are not properly covered.
• Car Insurance
• Home or Apartment Insurance
• Health/Dental Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Bundling Insurance
• How to Buy Insurance
Project-Image Income Taxes Only three things you need to know to save hundreds or thousands each year:
A. How can Adjustments & Deductions reduce my Taxable Income?
B. What Tax Rate determines how much I owe?
C. How can I use Tax Credits to reduce what I owe or increase my refund?

Project-Image Social Security • What is Social Security?
• How do I Qualify for Social Security?
• When to Start Taking Social Security?
• How can Retirees, Spouses, Widows, Widowers, and Dependents Collect Social Security?
• What should You know about Medicare?