3000 Account Management Bundle

This bundle includes four online courses in the Account Management curriculum that are each essential to managing your accounts.

  • Finding Big Deals
  • Selling Upgrades
  • Account Presence
  • Competitive Penetration


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Become the Preferred Partner in Your Accounts

What if you could apply proven strategies and
become the preferred partner in your accounts?

GDA’s results-oriented courses are designed to establish you as the preferred partner where you become a vital part of your customer’s team. Not only will you acquire a strong account presence, it will be relatively easy to sell upgrades, sell big deals and effectively penetrate your marketplace.

GDA’s world class sales training provides you with specific activities to perform to produce new orders, upgrade existing products and services, demonstrate pilots, and achieve competitive win-backs as well as new or enriched business partnerships. Explore GDA’s Growing Accounts Curriculum and register below:

Finding Big Deals

The most powerful sales technique for driving record setting business growth is through selling big deals worth 10 times your existing pipeline. Through GDA’s Finding Big Deals course, you will readily identify potential and exact decision-makers in your key accounts, learn how to structure and close business deals, and virtually eliminate competition.

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Selling Upgrades

Are you leaving a pipeline of opportunity with existing customers on the table? Through sales skills and techniques for selling upgrades, you will learn how to identify, quantify, validate and close incremental business that precisely meets your customer’s needs and desires. By practicing two sales calls that are part of this training, your will confidently close customers immediately and almost every time!

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Account Presence

Would you like your key customers to include you as part of their management team? What would happen to your bottom line if your post-installation sales out performed your initial sales for all of your key accounts? In account presence sales training, you will acquire sales skills and techniques that will empower you to increase your company’s presence in each of your key accounts.

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Competitive Penetration

Through a simple process in Competitive Penetration sales training, you will acquire skills and techniques that open the door to your competitor’s customer and help you to dominate a sales territory.

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Learn how to take your sales to the next level with these four online courses:

  • Finding Big Deals
  • Selling Upgrades
  • Account Presence
  • Competitive Penetration

Each course is is composed of quizzes for content reinforcement and a successful completion of the quiz gains you access to the next module. Successful completion of the course final exam provides access to the course certificate.

Ninety (90) days access to all four online courses.

Call us at 800-966-4321 or email us at Admin@Growthdevelopment.com with any questions or comments.  Our team is looking forward to working with you.  Below are some of the typical questions we get.

Q:  How long does each module take?

The time varies by person, but a good guideline is 20 minutes for each module.

Q:  What if I don't have time to complete the entire module?

Not a problem!  The system remembers where you are in the course when you leave. When you return to the module, you have the option of resuming from that place or starting at the beginning.

Q:  Will it remember where I left off?

Yes, the system remembers where you were in the course when you left.

Q:  Does it include audio?

Yes, you have the instructor's voice guiding you and explaining techniques as you move through the course, along with music at various intervals throughout the course.

Q:  Does it include video?

Yes, there are animations and video clips in each course.

Q:  Can I retake the quiz if needed?

Yes, you may retake quizzes as many times as you like.  The final exam can only be taken twice.


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