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Online Sales Training Through Your Community College

In the comfort of your home and through your computer, you can acquire powerful sales skills,techniques and strategies—world class sales training programs that can produce record growth in virtually every industry

  • Establish Rapport such that you gain enough trust your customer would share what they are really trying to accomplish.
  • Create Interest with them in less than 20 seconds so they cannot wait to discuss just how you can actually help them.
  • Question for Needs so they would share both their short term and long term goals… even work with you to enhance their vision.
  • Present Solutions in a way that incorporates your products and services so well that they tell you exactly when they are ready to buy.
  • Close for Commitment by matching your features and advantages so they actually see a compelling and immediate benefit to them.
  • Handle Objections with confidence as the ultimate way to power-up your advantages.

Working with community colleges across the country, such as Anne Arundel, Ivy Tech, and Portland Community College, we have provided sales training to their clients, students and staff.


After three years of flat business and a 1% profit margin, we decided to do some sales training and marketing planning with GDA. The result? Last year, we doubled our revenues and increased our profit margin by 5X. In one year, we learned how to actually sell our value and produce results in a 100% bid environment.”

Nathan Reede, CEO -– UPCI

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