Better Results for Corporations

Achieve Record Level Growth

Better Results for Corporations.

Companies including Microsoft, GE, American Express, Hewlett Packard and Honda all utilized GDA to enhance their existing sales and management training.

GDA customizes skills and processes proven over 30 years in 40 countries to the specific products, services, and customer situations of our clients to achieve breakthrough growth in sales, productivity and employee development.

  • Consultative Selling – because every business from medical to retail, non-profit to high tech requires sales to succeed.
  • Workplace Communication – because according to Forbes, 86% of Americans hate their jobs. Success on the job requires collaboration with others.
  • Account Management – because an organizations success depends not on the customers it gets, but on the customers it keeps.
  • People Leadership – because managing people on the job requires different skills than the skills required to do the job. The number one reason people give for quitting their jobs is, “My manager".
  • Tactical Planning and Strategic Planning – Because no one can coach themselves beyond their own paradigms. GDA executive planning facilitation had helped major corporations deliver growth exponentially beyond historical performance.

Whether in our HP offices, our national five-day GDA Sales Training Conference of 500 internal sales people, in dealer training for new printer product launches, or in reseller-exclusive classes across the country, GDA consistently added value to our sales effectiveness of HP products and services. According to our reseller partners, GDA was by far best in class to anything offered by any other vendor in the industry.

Kevin GilroyHewlett Packard