Decisions Financial Wellness Course DECISIONS/DECISIONS Online Course
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DECISIONS/DECI$ION$ Financial Wellness

Every topic shows you how to save or make money to build wealth for you and your family.
  • Budgeting 
    • We'll prepare you to take a hard look at where your money goes, then plan and execute a budget that puts you in a stronger financial position every month.

  • Handling Credit
    • You'll learn how to manage your credit to save thousands of dollars and years of stress.

  • Home Ownership
    • There are seven ways that owning your own home instead of renting can create the most powerful, unstoppable foundation for personal financial stability.

  • Savings and Investment
    • You'll learn the amazing truth about how just a few dollars a month can result in half a million dollars or more in retirement money.

  • Services of a Bank
    • Learn to manage your own personal banking team to reduce expenses and provide alternatives to credit.

  • Buying Insurance
    • Learn how to match coverages, deductables and costs to improve your coverage and lower your risks and costs.

  • Income Taxes
    • With just a little learning, you can embrace how to use that knowledge to substantially reduce the amount you pay in taxes.

  • Social Security and Medicare
    • Learn how Social Security and Medicare can affect you at every stage of your life.

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