Better Jobs and Careers for Individuals.

By far, the largest open job categories in the U.S.


Better Jobs and Careers for Individuals.

In the United States today, 40% to 50% of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed, meaning they earn about the same as they would have had they not attended college.

GDA On-line and college classes are developed specifically to enable anyone to get better jobs and enhance their careers immediately.

  • Consultative Selling – because every business from medical to retail, non-profit to high tech requires sales to succeed.
  • Workplace Communication – because according to Forbes, 86% of Americans hate their jobs. Success on the job requires collaboration with others.
  • Account Management – because an organizations success depends not on the customers it gets, but on the customers it keeps.
  • People Leadership – because managing people on the job requires different skills than the skills required to do the job. The number one reason people give for quitting their jobs is, “My manager".

I was 37% of quota for the six month period prior to GDA and 129% of quota during the three month period after learning the GDA techniques.

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