Your Key to Success

Tapestry Provides the Go-To Learning Place for Your Career

What if... April was Prospecting Month for sales
and customer service professionals all over the
world? Yes!! And what if EVERY MONTH featured
a topic for sales and customer service effectiveness?
What kind of impact could that have on your sales?
Your profitability? Your performance?
  • Full Skill Immersion in a Selling, Customer Service or Management Topic

  • Variety of Tools for Skill Reinforcement

  • Fully Customizable Learning

  • Works With Every Industry

  • Compliments Every Skill Level

  • Both Flexible and Extremely Affordable!

From the comfort of your home, office or anywhere, you can acquire knowledge and practices that will change your results in sales and customer service forever. Training worth thousands of dollars from highly acclaimed expert instructors is value priced to fit almost every budget. Results acquired through Tapestry webinars and tools will pay for this training in no time and many times over.

Full Skills Immersion


How would you like to make every sales and customer service call you make an "in the zone" conversation?  Tapestry gives you an opportunity to learn and practice the key concepts that will enhance your career in multiple ways!  Packed with weekly webinars, weekly GDA Sales Bites, success stories, blogs, tweets and downloadable coaching guides, Tapestry allows you to immerse yourself in training while producing career results.


Every month offers four training webinars around a new topic that will keep your skills refreshed.  Each webinar is hosted by senior GDA sales consultants, each with over 30 years of sales, customer service and management experience. You can apply these skills to new and existing customers, increasing your effectiveness all year long!

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Sales Bites

These three minute videos can launch your sales and customer service success.  Sign up for your free GDA Sales Bites now!

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Blogs and Tweets

Read the Sales Talk Blog filled with articles written by business executives from world-wide industries and organizations.  Follow our Tapestry Tweets on each topic's successes and issues.  

Application and Coaching Guides

Downloadable guides for individual contributor and for the manager.  Use these to apply the skills presented in the GDA Sales Bites and Tapestry Webinars to your business environment.  Read articles written by business executives from world-wide industries and organizations.

Success Stories

Read Success Stories from sales and customer service people around the world who are applying the Tapestry Webinar and GDA Sales Bites skills with great results.

Sales Discussions

Visit our Forum to discuss this month's Tapestry Webinar topic.  Share and view comments from your peers around the world.

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