Better Jobs and Careers for College Students

Better Career Readiness for College Curriculums

In the United States today, 40% to 50% of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed, meaning they earn about the same as they would have had they not attended college.

GDA On-line courses for alumni and blended college classes for students are developed specifically to enable students, graduates and alumni to get better jobs and enhance their careers immediately.

  • Consultative Selling – because every business from medical to retail, non-profit to high tech requires sales to succeed.
  • Workplace Communication – because according to Forbes, 86% of Americans hate their jobs. Success on the job requires collaboration with others.
  • Account Management – because an organization's success depends not on the customers it gets, but on the customers it keeps.
  • People Leadership – because managing people on the job requires different skills than the skills required to do the job. The number one reason people give for quitting their jobs is, “My manager".

GDA will help your college certify your instructors to teach all four curriculums.

Growth Development helps colleges meet their biggest challeges

Career Readiness

Your students can earn national certification in three simple steps.

  1. Successfully complete the GDA virtual or face-to-face class.
  2. Successfully complete course assignments.
  3. Pass the national certification exam with a score of 80% or higher.
NCCET Certified Courses

Did you know?

85.9 percent of students entering college said that “to be able to get a better job” was the number one reason they were pursuing college degrees.

Pryor et al. 2011

50% of Business leaders say they have difficulty finding qualified applicants and 1/3 say applicants are unprepared for their job searches.

Pryor et al. 2011

GDA’s Core Curricula

GDA closes the gap between what employers need and the better jobs students want. Utilizing our GDA core curricula:

  • Workplace Communication - Certified Workplace Professional (CWP)
  • Consultative Selling - Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
  • Account Management - Certified Account Manager (CAM)
  • People Leadership - Certified Leadership Professional (CLP)

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