GDA On-Line Sales Training

GDA On-Line World Class Sales Training Adapted for Specific Industries and Job Training Partnerships

GDA On-Line has adapted GDA’s same field tested and proven sales classes for the automobile, real estate and manufacturing Industries. Other extraordinary programs including Job Creations Initiative and Job Training for Veterans. These unique job training partnerships are a perfect fit for employers seeking employees empowered to hit the ground running for making sales.

Automotive Sales Training

Through GDA On-Line's Sales Training for Automotive Companies, you will master the Consultative Car Sale, learning how to effectively establish trust and credibility, create interest, question for needs, present the car as a solution, close for commitment, and handle objections as well as the multiple visit sale. Also included is how to create growth and new opportunities through marketing, professionally communicate, maximize profits, and how to hire, coach and retain a quality sales force.

Job Creation Initiative

This intensive 3-week blended learning program developed by GDA On-Line, provides learners with business growth strategies and road-tested “best practices” skills. JCI combines online sales and career training with instructor led webinars and a face-to-face workshop to produce fully trained job candidates. The program integrates interviews with local and national companies seeking employees in sales, sales support, customer support and sales management positions.

Job Training for Veterans

GDA On-Line's solution for creating sales careers for veterans in needed industries is the JCI for Veterans program. This program identifies local and national employers who will hire veterans and their spouses who have successfully completed the sales training program. Training is matched with sponsorship opportunities by companies, stores, dealerships, small businesses and/or national businesses that commit to hiring the program graduates.

Real Estate

Would you like to know how to consistently achieve record growth in real estate sales? GDA On-Line Real Estate Sales Training is designed to help you grow your business whether you are an agent, a Realtor®, or managing broker. The tools and techniques in this unique and powerful curriculum can help you become the preferred resource in your target market, consistently generating new and repeat business.


A powerful sales training program tailored for manufacturing companies, the GDA On-Line Growth Initiative provides employees and leaders with extremely affordable, field-tested proven strategies for achieving record growth. Easily accessible guidance, sales tools and techniques empower employees to effectively sell. Engineers learn how to uncover potential client needs for generating add-on business. Experienced manufacturing sales professionals identify hidden ways to produce more revenue, even in difficult environments.

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