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GDA’s Sales Training for Automobile Dealers helps your team master the sales and management skills needed to grow your loyal customer base. Your team will learn how to effectively establish trust and credibility, create interest, question for needs, present the car as the buyer’s solution, close for commitment, handle objections, and manage the multiple visit sale. GDA’s automotive sales training includes how to create growth and new opportunities through the use of marketing and professional communications. You’ll also discover how to maximize profits using hiring and coaching skills to retain a quality sales force.

What if every sales associate produced as much as your best sales associate?

  • Overview of the Consultative Car Sale
  • Establishing Trust and Credibility
  • Creating Interest
  • Questioning for Needs
  • Presenting the Car as a Solution
  • Closing for Commitment
  • Handling Objections
  • The Multiple Visit Sale
  • Wonderful Rules of Sales Writing
  • The Sales Power of Leasing
  • Selling Fleet Deals
  • Selling Follow-on Services After the Deal
  • Community Preference
  • Targeting Competition
  • Creating Market Demand
  • Performance Planning
  • Career Development
  • Counseling Employees


After three years of flat business and a 1% profit margin, we decided to do some sales training and marketing planning with GDA. The result? Last year, we doubled our revenues and increased our profit margin by 5X. In one year, we learned how to actually sell our value and produce results in a 100% bid environment.”

Nathan Reede, CEO -– UPCI

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