Job Creation Initiative

GDA On-Line’s Unique Job Training Program

BUSINESS CAREERS—Job Creation, Training & Placement in just 3 weeks.

One out of every four job openings are in sales or customer service.  Including banking, retail, automotive, health care, real estate, computers, sports equipment,  insurance, repair, services, clothing, furniture, home improvement, medical, manufactured products…

  • If you are a unemployed, displaced, a veteran, or an underemployed college graduate, you’ll want to get signed up for this job training program.

  • If you manage or own a company, store, dealership, small business, or national business, you’ll want to hire them.

“Face-to-face sales are high paying jobs that cannot be outsourced overseas, and sales is the engine that drives growth for communities and companies.” — Eric Richardson, CEO, GDA


After three years of flat business and a 1% profit margin, we decided to do some sales training and marketing planning with GDA. The result? Last year, we doubled our revenues and increased our profit margin by 5X. In one year, we learned how to actually sell our value and produce results in a 100% bid environment.”

Nathan Reede, CEO -– UPCI

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