Compatible with any existing sales training program, Consultative Selling is the foundation of a sales or customer service conversation.  Six steps that have to happen in order to have the best possible customer conversation.  Missing any of these steps can cause a complete misconnect with the customer, allow discomfort to grow, or if continued over time, dramatically prolong the length of your sales cycle.

Each step of Consultative Selling  sets up the next for productivity and customer confidence:

1. Establishing Rapport established trust and gets the customer comfortable talking with you.
2. Creating Interest is the transition that gives the customer a reason to continue and have open and sharing conversation about his or her true needs with you.
3. Questioning for Needs establishes the customer’s requirements and allows the seller to select the exact features and highlights for an on-target presentation with this customer.
4. Presenting Solutions is a presentation of how your products or services will address the needs explained by the customer in step three… a much more effective experience than doing canned pitches.
5. Closing for Commitment should be the easiest step, because the close will be based on the dialogue with the customer from the presentation of solutions to the customer’s stated needs.
6. Handling Objections becomes a joint search for resolving any fears or concerns that your customer will certainly have if he or she is seriously considering your solution.

• The Logical Selling Process shows how all of these steps during each discussion or sales call of a multiple meeting sales process will dramatically enhance success and shorten the sales cycle.

All together, the planned sales call allows a seller or customer care representative to consistently create the most customer-connected, in-the zone discussion possible.