“Sooner or later, in order to grow, you need to sell to people who are not already your friends.”

Let’s face it, most people who could buy your products and services… who should buy your products and services, aren’t even looking right now. Worse, many who are looking, aren’t looking at getting them from you!

How can you create true new business opportunities and qualified leads? Not just mailing lists or attendee lists, but true leads. Buyers who have money and desire and who want to talk with you! In this course on Lead Generation, you will learn how to truly target segments of potential customers, as well as how to awaken them to their needs and why your company should be the provider. You will learn how to plan lead generation, marketing, and sales campaigns. Even better, you will learn how to debug those campaigns to determine the critical components that can drive success, or if unaddressed, will leak out your planned results.