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RT 4080 Handling Objections Month

Learn effective objection handling techniques in these four webinars:

  • Questioning to Handle Objections
  • Objections: Get on the Client's Side
  • Handle Objections With Empathy
  • Objections Demonstrations
RT 4081 Questioning to Handle Objections

Objections can stop you in your tracks during a customer conversation. Not only are they obstacles to your sale, but, in many cases, the customers deliver these objections with energy and passion. Learn how to make them work for you.

View the Questioning to Handle Objections webinar at your leisure.

RT 4082 Objections: Get on the Customer's Side
This is the second webinar in the National Handling Objections Month series.  The webinar is recorded for your convenience.
RT 4083 Handle Objections With Empathy

The Handle Objections with Empathy webinar is the third in the National Handling Objections Month webinar series and is recorded for your convenience.

RT 4084 Objections Demonstrations
The Objections Demonstrations webinar is the fourth webinar in the National Handling Objections Month.  This webinar is recorded for your viewing convenience.
RT 4090 Selling Upgrades Month

You can maximize your sales by selling upgrades to your existing clients.  Learn the most effective ways to produce success in this series of four webinars:  

  • Upgrades and Renewals webinar
  • The Follow-Up Upgrade Call webinar 
  • Observation and Companion Upgrades webinar 
  • Upgrade Demonstrations webinar
RT 4091 Upgrades and Renewals
Upgrades are the easiest and most available business for just about any kind of company. Think about it. No matter what product or service that a person has bought, sooner or later they will see the need for an upgrade or a renewal. Learn an effective strategy for farming upgrades.

Upgrades and Renewals webinar

RT 4092 The Follow-Up Upgrade Call
If you have existing customers, than making your sales goals is way easier than you think. Most of us are so intensely focused on finding and selling the next customer, that we actually lose track of the wealth of upgrade business available to us with our existing customer base.

The Follow-Up Upgrade Call webinar

RT 4093 Observation and Companion Upgrades
If your business enables you to visit your customer’s home or office, or if your customer brings their property you for service, then you have another amazing upgrade opportunity that is not even on their receipt or work order. And no discount website in the world can compete with it.

Observation and Companion Upgrades webinar

RT 4094 Upgrade Demonstrations
Tapestry on Demand

Upgrades Demonstrations webinar

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