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RT 4040 Tapestry Prospecting Month

Learn the secrets of prospecting by viewing all four Prospecting webinars at your convenience:

  • Getting Appointments
  • Instant Credibility
  • Creating "Meeting Urgency"
  • Prospecting Demonstrations
RT 4041 Getting Appointments

Getting Appointments recorded webinar

RT 4042 Instant Credibility

Credibility is the key to effective and enjoyable sales conversations.  Whether you are trying to get an appointment, opening up a conversation, or responding to a customer call, the entire tone of the call depends upon your credibility.

Instant Credibility Webinar

RT 4043 Creating Meeting Urgency Webinar

How often are your scheduled customer appointments moved, delayed, or even cancelled?  In this webinar you’ll learn about a powerful tool that will create an urgent need for your customer to meet with you.

Creating Meeting Urgency Webinar

RT 4044 Tapestry Prospecting Demonstrations Webinar

In order to sell, resolve a problem, or introduce your company, you need to get a chance to have a discussion and make your presentation.  Learn how to become very comfortable and effective in getting your appointments.

Tapestry Prospecting Demonstrations Webinar

RT 4050 Customer Relationships Month

Learn how to build successful customer relationships by attending all four webinars at your convenience.

Credibility from Business Rapport

Power Rapport - The Personal Relationship

Expanding Your Base in the Account

Power Relations Demonstrations

RT 4051 Credibility from Business Rapport
Learn how to create the kind of business camaraderie that builds whether the conversation is about good experiences or problems, internal issues or business objectives.
RT 4052 Power Rapport - The Personal Relationship
Learn the secrets of using personal rapport in your sales and customer support calls.
RT 4053 Expanding Your Base in the Account
What would happen if the person you have built a great relationship with in your account was promoted to a different department or left the company? Just how broad is your contact base within your account? It’s not just who you know, but who has that kind of trust and relationship with you.
RT 4054 Power Relationships Demonstrations
Building great relationships is the most important and often the most ignored communication skill required of sales and customer service people. Done well, sales become easy, and even the most broken of customer service problems become resolvable.
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