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RT 4100 Presenting Solutions Month

In these four webinars, you'll learn the techniques that will give you the edge when you present your products and services to your customer.  

  • Solutions, Not Product Pitches recorded webinar
  • Interactive Presentations recorded webinar
  • Same Product, Different Presentation recorded webinar
  • Presentation Demonstrations recorded webinar
RT 4101 Solutions, Not Product Pitches
Even if you can present without notes, do perfect live demonstrations, and wow any audience. Even if your close rate is right with the company’s historical average. But who wants to be average, when you can set the bar for great?

Solutions, not Product Pitches recorded webinar 

RT 4102 Interactive Presentations
If you make your presentations interactive, they can be the most fun you’ve ever had.

Interactive Presentations webinar -- recorded for your convenience.

RT 4103 Same Product, Different Presentation

Learn to tailor your presentations to increase your close rate.

Same Product, Different Presentation webinar recorded for your convenience.

RT 4104 Presentation Demonstrations
Whether you have had weeks to plan and prepare or if the customer just called you on the phone, your presentation is still in your critical path to a sale. How can you be prepared to make a presentation, not a product pitch, but a presentation in any situation… even at a moment’s notice?

Presentation Demonstrations recorded webinar

RT 4110 Closing for Commitment Month

Develop, hone and practice your closing skills by attending all four Closing for Commitment Month webinars:

  • Use the Customer's Words When you Close webinar
  • Use the Close to Plan the Call webinar
  • Make "No" an Impossible Reply webinar
  • Closing Demonstrations webinar
RT 4111 Use the Customer's Words In Your Close
Some people think that closing is scary because we have a fear of rejection. Some people think that the longer you talk, you can pretend that you still have a chance. Maybe. But there is one thing that takes all of the fear away. And it’s right there in front of you.

Use the Customer's Words in Your Close webinar -- recorded

RT 4112 Use The Close to Plan The Call
Whether you initiate your calls or you take inbound calls, you should plan your calls. So how do you plan? Do you start with your products? Anticipated issues? 

Use the Close to Plan the Call webinar recorded for your convenience.

RT 4113 Make No an Impossible Reply
We just don’t want to hear that final, “No.” We’d rather waste weeks or months delivering samples, fielding questions, doing yet another presentation, sending brochures… anything to avoid the possibility of hearing that resounding, “No.” But what if there were a way to ask for commitment without that fear?

Make "No" an Impossible Reply webinar recorded for your convenience

RT 4114 Closing Demonstrations
You want to be able to get the customer to the point, where it’s obvious to both of you that they should take the next step.  And you want to be able to close with the customer having absolutely no doubt, no remorse, and no feelings of pressure of any kind.

Closing Demonstrations webinar recorded for your convenience.

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