From the comfort of your home, office or anywhere, you can acquire knowledge and practices that will change your results in sales and customer service forever. Training worth thousands of dollars from highly acclaimed expert instructors is value priced to fit almost every budget. Results acquired through Tapestry webinars and tools will pay for this training in no time and many times over.
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RT 4122 Employee & Manager Performance Discussion We are all different.  You can work with your manager to develop a clear understanding of expectations that are tuned specifically for you and your customer environment.

Employee & Manager Performance Discussion webinar is recorded for your convenience

RT 4123 The Secret Sauce of Performance Reviews Nobody wants to be surprised in a performance review.  Learn the secret of achieving great performance evaluations with absolutely no surprises for you or your manager.

RT 4124 Managing Your Performance Demonstration

Defining and agreeing upon performance criteria with your manager sounds easy until you try it.  Join us to see some great examples of performance criteria that you and your manager can use to create your own shared vision of what it takes for you to be successful.


RT 5010 Demand Creation Month

Strengthen your marketing efforts by attending all four Demand Creation webinars:

  • Target your Prospecting 
  • Creating Market Presence 
  • Debugging Your Marketing Plan 
  • Great Marketing Demonstrations 
RT 5011 Target Your Prospecting When we pursue new customers, or the expanded use of our products, or even upgrades and enhancements, we are tapping into the heart of growing our businesses.

Target Your Prospecting recorded webinar 

RT 5012 Creating Marketing Presence Customers buy what they know, and they buy from their teacher. Learn how to become your customer’s teacher, and they will buy from you.

Creating Marketing Presence recorded webinar

RT 5013 Debugging Your Marketing Plan For most successful or failed sales strategies, the outcomes were not a function of the strategy… it was in the execution. Learn to create sales or marketing plans that address every aspect of the execution.

Debugging Your Marketing Plan webinar recorded for your convenience

RT 5014 Great Marketing Demonstrations Establishing yourself as a market leader brings with it tremendous business advantages… from first customer preference, to profit margins, to easy adoption and purchase of your new products and services.  Learn to create your market presence strategy.

Great Marketing Demonstrations recorded webinar

RT 5020 Managing Your Pipeline Month

This series of four webinars will help you shorten your sales cycle, manage your pipeline and accelerate your sales.

  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle 
  • Qualify, Qualify, Qualify 
  • Managing Your Pipeline 
  • Accelerate Your Pipeline Demonstrations 
RT 5021 Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Look at the difference between the number of calls and the length of time of your shortest sales cycle and your longest.  That difference can be dramatically shortened by focusing on the progress made in each call.  In this webinar you will learn how to plan to get the most out of every call and how to shorten even your toughest sales cycles.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle webinar recorded for your viewing convenience

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